Holiday Cookies

Here’s a platformer game I made over the holidays. The cookies in the game were made during a family get-together. Some of the art was drawn by my son.

move left: a, left arrow, or use the left button on the screen
move right: d, right arrow, or the right button on the screen
jump: space, w or up arrow (w is your best bet when it’s embedded in this page)

The keyboard controls get kind of screwy when embedded in the page. You can also play it on a bare web page here.

I open-sourced the code on github.

Art by Trey Miller and Rowan Miller, except there may be some libGDX stock graphics, and there is a font called Dickensian Christmas by Anthony Robinson I found on the internets. Also the cookies were made by various family members of mine.

Music and sounds were created by a small lump of green putty I found in my armpit one midsummer morning.

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